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ISO 9001, 14001, 18000 Cloud Based Audit Management Software

Internal and Client Audit Management Software

Schedule, publish & manage complete audit activities in real-time. Designed for small and medium-sized organizations.
NiftyISO is an affordable and easy-to-use Audit management system.

Audit Management, Cloud software

Multiple ISO Standards and Templates

ISO Standards such as 9001, 18001, 27001 and others are available within a system for Audit purpose. Standards can be saved as templates and can be reused for future audits.

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Multiple ISO Standards and Templates, ISO 9001 Audit Software
Internal and External Audit Management, iOS audit app

Internal and External Audit Management

Internal and third-party audits are required by ISO 9000 and by additional ISO standards. The auditor can perform an offline audit from their smartphone.

qms app

Customized and Flexible Audit Process

The auditor can customize the questions and tooltips to suit their needs. An auditor can upload evidence in form of images, comments, documents and video.

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Customized and Flexible Audit Process, qms app
Offline and Online Audits, ISO Standards online

Offline and Online Audits with Mobile App

NiftyISO comes with native apps for iPhone and Android. This allows auditors to perform an offline audit in remote areas. Once the internet is available Audits can be uploaded to a central database.

Audit Reports and Management Reports

Audit reports are available to be printed in PDF format and can be easily customized. The system allows management
to generate KPI reports for a number of audits performed and non-conformances.

Audit Reports and Management Reports, ISO 9001 Audit Software

NiftyISO Pricing Plans

NiftyISO offers to Pay as You go model. So you can choose which plan fits best and there is always the option of upgrade or downgrade.

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2 User

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5 Users

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Complete Feature List

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Unlimited Audit Support

Native Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android

Mobile Browser Ready Software Access

Perform Audit in Remote Area using Offline Audit App Option

ISO Audit Checklist

Perform ISO Audit in Multiple Sessions

Follow up Audit for tracking non-conformances

Cyclic Audit option for periodical audits

Roll on Audit for flexible time periods

Possible to Audit only certain department of the company

System Provides the popular standards like ISO 9001

Customize Audit question to Suit your Business needs

Save customized audit questions as templates and reuse it with future audits

Multiple Clients/Locations

Identify and record non-conformances at time of Audit

Categorize non-conformances as major and minor

Add evidence for non-conformances within the system in form of pictures and pdf

Option to upload audio and video as nonconformance evidence

Categorize the source of non-conformance as CAPA, Document control and others

Data Backup options

Professional Audit report

Management report for Auditor performance

Management report for non-conformances

Management report for the effectiveness of the Audit process

The print report in PDF or WORD

Option to archive old Audits

Manage Employees - Auditors effectively

Option to Purchase/Add additional standards

Audit Scheduler with calendar