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College - university Information System

NiftySIS – School Information System

NiftySIS – School Management System is the ideal way to manage complete school operation. The system has different access
rights for Admin, Teacher, Student and Parent

School Management Software

All Student Attendance Record at Finger tip

Record all student presence and absence easily with multiple checkbox selections. Student attendance report is helpful for student performance.

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School ERP
Mobile App

Accept Fees online and reduce Payment delay

An accountant can generate school fees invoice for each student. Parents can pay fees from their dashboard using PayPal or credit cards.

Student exam portal

Parents are well informed with SMS - Email Notification

The NiftySIS Parent Notification System is used to contact parents regarding school closing, delays, early dismissals and other urgent messages. It is also used to communicate school messages.

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Education Institute software
Student exam portal

Teachers are Empowered with Syllabus, Routine & Exam

Exam-Result module allows you to schedule your exams in advance and publish them as needed. Reminders are sent by the system automatically before the exam.

Exam Hall List

Manage Preparatory Examination Work and Examination Schedule generation such as Examination timetable and
hall ticket, Attendance sheet generation, Counterfoil reports etc.

College - university Information System, Education Institute software

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Complete Feature List

Helps admin get an overview of the school

Dashboard with key static Info-Graphic

Calendar,Reports,Notices all at Once

Admit Student With a Complete Profile

Student Login Access and Dashboard

Student Class Routine and Payment Data

Parent dashboard,Calendar and Holiday list

Parent check class routine and notices

Parent access to child results,fees & teachers data

Teacher add subject and syllabus

Teacher take class attendance

Teacher add and manage student marks

Manage subject and assign a teacher

Search and pagination features

Add syllabus for each subject

Manage class with easy use interface

Add class with a student capacity

Define class number & assign class code

The possibility of Credits,Marks and Grade

Relate marks with Grades or Credits

Comments against each grade appear in Mark-Sheet

The teacher can take student attendance

The possibility of teacher attendance

View attendance of past date

Define class route for students and teachers

Student and parent can view class route

Admin reserve rights to add a route

Manage book records in library

Issue book to student along with validity

Managebook location and collect fines

Admih reserves rights for the module

Complete driver and vehicle details

Search,Sort and filter records

Inform everyone about yearly holiday

Date selection for single day holiday

Date range option for vacations

Move student to next standard easily

Define criteria for mass migration

Upgrade-admit all passed student to next class