Why Investing in a School Management Software Will Make You Future Ready!!


NiftySIS – School management software is the best online tool to manage your school database. The school management system can be online as well as offline. The online system is more popular in the contemporary era for due to accessibility anywhere anytime feature. Moreover, the software can be accessed from web and/or mobile applications. Every school can use school software to control Student enrollment and management, Teacher Management, School admin software, Attendance, Subject, Class Routine, Study Material / Notes, Syllabus, Exam Marks, Noticeboard, Accounting, Library and Student- teacher Subject time table.

Here are some reasons for investing in a school management system that will make you future ready:

1. providing Access to the parent:

  • – Parents should be aware of every small information about their child, so they can make the best decisions for the child. Using NiftySIS – School ERP Software parents can access all the information of the child’s like that Grades, Attendance, Results, Reports and extra activates.

2. Better Communication:

  • – The teacher can assign a specific task to a particular student and tag their parents in that task. That is great communication. The teacher can also connect with the student after school and even vacation. Using School portal teachers can give some other extra curriculum or hobby tasks to students because they can use their time effectively. Using online school system, teacher can update every day new activities in school management software ERP.

3. More Learning Materials:

  • With School management software, the student can get the assigned study materials through the student portal. And Teachers can even tag other teachers and post their suggestion as well. But teachers also have to follow a certain course and some guidelines, so the children can be well prepared for their upcoming exams. Teachers can upload extra learning materials on the portal, so the interested student can learn more.

4. Seamless Fee Structure:

  • – With the School Management System, the focus where it should be – the student, not inefficient and time-consuming paperwork. Eliminate the need for manual and expensive school fee reminders. Furthermore, use Nifty sol powerful school system that automates an effective cost fee gathering process segmented according to fee classification. Parents also benefit since this School Admin Software allows them to pay fees online and on the go.

5. Robust School Administration:

  • – Adopting NiftySIS – School Management System can help you in creation of an incoming class that is the best fit for your schools. Also managing resources like Tutor – employee details, and their attendance and leave status, access to student records at the click of a button, school administration is markedly more organized with NiftySIS. Experienced educators know that strong administration results in a school that runs quickly & smoothly – creating an optimum learning environment for the student.

Try NiftySIS today and experience how easy it is to manage school using best school management software.