5S is one of the most important tool of lean implementation. The app simplifies the process of 5s audit with ready check list for each 'S':



systematic cleaning



5s app comes in web, mobile and tablet version.

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How it Works?

Signup for 5s app and setup the template and company branding.Create 5s Auditors or change agents.

Start Audit using mobile, tablet or web. Mobile and tablet version also works offline.

Once Audit completed, synchronize it with cloud database. Generate report and share results with team members.

why you need it?

It helps entering data directly in to central database. It removes waste associated with pen and paper based Audit model

Performance insight for management using reports in CSV or PDF.

All Audit data is backed on up on cloud and it also works on employee device "BYOD" Approach


Best Ever 5s Program

Multiple Users

Different usertypes to manage 5s System. Superadmin has all rights.

Multiple Devices

Audit Works on web, Mobiles and tablets. Admin works on web.

Multiple Departments

App allows to do unlimited audits for multiple departments and for multiple clients

Multiple Templates

To increase productivity 5s audit templates can be created and reused for future audits.

Complete 5s Audit System


Simple 5s checklist view for ease in audit. Checklist questions can be modified.


5s Admin panel provides branding options: Logo selection, template, customized 5s questionnaire.

Offline mode

The app also works in offline mode for mobiles and tablets.



Generate reports in PDF or CSV. Reports can be emailed

Secure Solutions

On Boarding - cloud

Remove costs associated with running backup-infrastructure.

Leverage on-demand backup services for short-term tactical gains

Higher level of protection for your critical data & systems

Remove the burden of running & supporting your backup services

Off Boarding - Data Backup

All audit data are secured and backed up on cloud database.

Multilanguage Support
Unlimited Audit Support
Multiple Devices
Multiple Users
5s Audit Checklist
Customize Reports
Data Backup
Multiple Departments
Forget password
Multiple Templates
Offline mode
Information pages support
Contact admin page
Reports in PDF, CSV

Download Demo App

Native 5s is available in the App Store and on Google Play.


I love 5S app clear design, fast movement between screens and access to important info about my Operation.

Frisk. Small Bar, Perth, Australia