5s Audit Is Now Nifty5s


We created Nifty5s Apps to help people everywhere work and innovate together so that your organisation can move faster and achieve more. Today, we’re introducing a new name that better reflects this mission: Nifty5s.5s Audit is one of the tools from the lean methodology. The primary purpose of lean is to improve the productivity in any industry. There are 5 primary phases of 5S: Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain.

5s Audit app lets you do the audit of any department in any industry. We have implemented a set of audit question which can be put into practice in any organization.

Audit features:

  • – Create template that you can reuse
  • – Create audit based on template
  • – 5s Form which offers easy interface
  • – Manage Audit
  • – Generate report in PDF and Email features.
  • – Generate performance reports in the form of bar chart which helps you to compare performance of particular department over specific time period.

Thanks for being part of the journey that led us to Nifty5S. We’re always improving our technology.

5s Audit To Nifty5s