The Benefit of Time Table – Schedule Management System in Schools


School time table plays a very important part when it comes to education. It used to be difficult to make and manage schedules, but now with the help of NiftySIS, it is easy to plan your work. Through NiftySIS – School management Software, it will be easy to direct the stand-in lecture of teachers and professors, which will act as a time saver. Designing timetable, earmarking proxy period, and controlling faculty timetable is very restful with our professional school Management System.

By implementing this school management software, Scheduling can instantly be announced to all the students and all the particular teachers of the institute once it is being updated by the administrative staff. Furthermore, you can email to students when you are arranging a substitute lecture. These contents can be forward to the newly assigned teachers. The whole process starts from the master Time table that School management decides for all school teachers.

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1) Faculty time-table:

Once the Master timetable is allocated for a particular department, Faculty members can look at their own schedule and manage their work accordingly. Apart from this, Every Faculty can also see their schedule in School. But Some Faculty will be handling multiple subjects and the subject association also will be displayed in the Faculty wise timetable.

2) Student time table:

Once the faculty timetable is established it is easy to derive student Class time table / Schedule. As a parent, they have the privilege to see their children’s schedule in their School Parent’s App. There are other types of timetables as well which are derived from the master-timetable to enhance the administrative experience of the school.

3) Classroom view time table:

This is the most familiar timetable for all of school management system. This timetable includes the unoccupied session info of all teachers. Each class in the school will have an individual class-wise timetable. This timetable will also contain time-slot allocations for non-teaching periods like Free Period, games, extra-curricular activities, Homework, etc..

4) Recreation and Rejuvenation Timetable:

As the name indicates this timetable includes many recreational moments like different games and sports played using the indoor and outdoor playfields in the school. This schedule is well organized by the Principal as well as the sports head and supervisor of the school. This timetable is used to harmonize the fields and indoor playrooms fruitfully.

5) Homework Task Timetable:

This is not stuck in all the schools. Even though well-ordered homework is designed for students, a fastened timetable is not given to parents and students to follow at home. With the homework timetable, it is feasible to balance the time spent on different subjects at home. This will aid guardians to devote the time for divergent study chores.

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