NIFTYSIS – Bus Transportation Management Systems


The main perspective of all the school management system is to provide no t only learning but to ensure the best safety and security while they all are going to school from their home and back to home from school or college.

The whole transportation tracking system becomes easy with the help of the school bus management system. By using NIFTYSIS one can track the vehicles which offer complete security and peace to parents for their children’s movements. Not only teachers but parents can also track bus movement of children with the help of locations finder and routing features.

Hereby some questions related to school Bus transportation management systems given below

What are the features of school bus transport management systems?

The biggest provocation faced by school bus transport management system providers is to provide best safety features to school to maintain necessary safety levels for children and teachers . our school management software provider want to provide highest level of safety and smoothness in work and for that purpose they try hard and provide some features , Amid them all some of are given below .

  • – Agile and rapid management.
  • – 27/ 7 tracking availability.
  • – Low maintenance and high safety.
  • – Easy to use.
  • – Customized smart tracking applications.
  • – Tracking of real-time location.
  • – Efficient record keeping.
  • – Protection against rude behavior of the driver and over speed.
  • – Track the whole route of the bus with expected arrival time.
  • – Enhanced driver safety.
  • – Transport details and reports.
  • – Financial management is related to the transportation field.
  • – Payroll process for drivers.
  • – Stuffed with specific taxation policies.
  • – Regular updates by short messaging systems.
  • – Immediate response in case of emergency.
  • – Updated vehicle details like PUC, insurance, etc.
  • – A comprehensive report making for stakeholders and researches.
  • – proper assignment of teachers and students according to schedule, time, and predefined path.

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