ISO 9001 iOS version updates

We are delighted to announce new and improved version of iOS app for ISO 9001 standard.

What is ISO 9001 app and what features it has?

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification has become a reliable way for customers to check the quality of product and capability of a company. Companies, which have ISO certification uses the internal method of quality audit for maintaining the quality standards.
    Since different companies use a different approach for Audits, the app provides facility to generate a new set of Audit questions to suit specific company requirement.
    The Audit tool is equally useful for internal audit as well as client company Audits.
    The app allows the auditor to:
    – Create Audits
    – Manage Audits and Status of audit
    – Audits can be saved in multiple sessions and hence give the flexibility to complete audit over a period of time without losing any data
    – Facility of creating and reusing -templates for quick audits
    – Facility for creating ISO question set and reuse it
    – Generate report in PDF and Email to potential stakeholders**Added feature to delete a section, which helps the user to customize audit questionnaire as required.**

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