Gym Management System with Customer Self-services Features


Gym scheduling software is also sometimes mentioned as health software, studio software, scheduling software, or membership software. Such software assists the Gym – Studio owners to manage their business with all processes like marketing, Customer onboarding, payments, Trainer schedule and their programs.

Like most of Fitness trainers and owners, you may have also struggled to keep up with the ever-changing state and county guidelines with COVID-19. As new government rules are constantly being put in place for social distancing, face-to-face training of your client might be challenging, if not possible at current times. One of the best ways to help streamline your communications and stay engaged with your members is to utilize hosted Gym software like NiftyGYM.

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With NiftyGYM you and your gym trainer can instantly get your message out to your daily workout and fitness network by sending out powerful videos that include COVID-19 updates, daily workout activities, nutritional advice, fitness routines, daily work videos and more. In addition to Email and SMS reminders, you can see workflows for new member registrations, monthly fitness reports, online gym training events, daily work out reminders, and more. This best way you can still help your customer on how to hit their personal fitness goals without meeting your customers face-to-face. Here are some of the features for remote fitness service delivery:

1) Anytime Anywhere Access:

Hosted solution like NiftyGYM is best suited to get your Gym Services Online within a few minutes. The best part is that it can be accessed from a member’s mobile, desktop, or tablet. The software works off the browsers like Safari on iPhone and chrome on android devices with an active internet connection.

2) Online Videos for Daily workout:

The software offering workouts on demand, has exploded in the last few years. Using NiftyGYM your member can complete and log daily work out at home watching exclusive videos that you can upload through the system. With this gym ERP software, a member can join different online sessions such as yoga, Aerobic, high-intensity interval training, treadmill running, walking, dancing using a prerecorded video. If your members prefer very little interaction with other human beings, they can certainly signup with apps and do fitness routine at the comfort of home.

3) Built-in CRM:

With NiftyGym manage demo classes easily and allow customers to book classes online with Front end Booking calendar. Collect leads from demo class attendees and nurture them through automatic email reminders and third party newsletter System.

4) Email and SMS Automation:

Never ever forget to send another email or SMS to your Gym – Studio customers. After all, a gym is all about providing a healthy lifestyle for your customers by creating and curating daily workout schedule and healthy diet for whatever goal they have set. The software can also be sent daily workout reminder to members.

5) Online Payment Processing and Reporting:

The gym management system makes it absolutely easy to book classes online and pay for it. Member can also purchase and renew membership from easy to access plans from the customer account area using a credit card or debit card. The system offers PayPal as a payment gateway. Our gym ERP app should also boast in-built reporting features that let you analyze each member’s performance metrics and let you know where you and your team need to improve.

With NiftyGYM you can help your customers attain robustness and health targets. The personal trainers can be leased to enhance your execution with the tutoring line ups provided by through exclusive videos.