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Comprehensive HR Solution for SME

NiftyHRM is the ideal way to manage complete Human Resource operation. The system has different access
rights for Admin, HR Manager, Accountant, and Employee

employee management system

Manage Employee Effortlessly

Having an HR database is important. With Effortless HR, we make it super simple for small business to eliminate the hassle of spreadsheet and in-house systems.

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Human Resource Management Software
company attendance solution

Employee punch in and punch out

Helps you ensure that employee works allotted hours and also gives you insight into the regularity of it. IP based, credential based restriction and biometric-based attendance system.

HR Software

Payroll at single Click - One click automatic payslip generation

Preparing Payroll MIS is not a nightmare anymore. One click payroll process is paperless, cost-effective and time-saving.

NiftyHRM Pay

Payroll Software
HR Software

Leave and Appraisal Management

Learn more about vacation leave, paid holidays, family & medical leave, shared leave, and other leave program offered to eligible employees. Employee appraisal becomes easy with KPI, Client feedback, performance marks and Warning yellow cards.

Real - Time Self - Service to employees

Minimizes the cost with maximize productivity. Employees have ability update personal information,
leave suggestions and feedback, request time off and punch in-out.

company attendance solution

NiftyHRM Pricing Plans

Pricing table are a critical part in showcasing your services, prices and overall offerings. We give you full control

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Emojy Price




20 Employees

HRM_small_right.pngBasic HRMS with self-service login for employees

HRM_small_right.pngLeave Management

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50 Employees

Essential HR +



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100 Employees

Professional +

HRM_small_right.pngShift Scheduling

HRM_small_right.pngPerformance (Basic)

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Complete Feature List

Online leave application

Centralized view of all employee leave information

Leave types for individual employee, location, role & experience level

Accurate leave reports

Fully loaded HR Plugin for WordPress

Admin, HR manager, Accountant and employee roles

Holiday listing and leave management module

Employee personal and professional History

Self-Service Attendance management module

Employee training and Performance module

Comprehensive skill matrix module

One click automatic payslip generation

Identify Every Aspect of your HR Costs

Fully loaded recruitment module

Management Reports for Better HR Planning

Access Rights Management

Employee notice based compliance

Manage Events – Event management module

Manage Project – Project management module

Track your Assets – Assets management module

Employee Engagement – Messages and Employee Feedback module

Client Engagement – Clients feedback module

Keep Everyone Informed – Event based email notifications

Setup the System as you need – Department & General Settings module

Have the plugin in your language – Multiple Language support

Employee punch in and punch out

Performance Reports

View attendance reports, leave reports and leave balances

Payslip, employee performance, and attendance report

Travel module and employee tax management

Employee self service - update personal details