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Hospital Management System

Adopt Complete Hospital Management System At Best Price

NiftyHMS – Hospital management System is the ideal way to complete hospital operation. The system has different access
rights for Admin, Doctor, Nurse, Support Staff and Other Users.

Hospital Management System

Enhance Doctor's productivity with Easy UI

Doctor Can manage patient medical history, Write prescription and reports for the patient. Single screen to get patient treatment details and intuitive Dashboard with the appointment calendar.

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Clinic software
Clinic software

Manage Patient Appointment & EMR Effortlessly

Appointment booking is an integral part of NiftyHMS. The registered users can login and can schedule a doctor's appointment. Doctors can view patient's appointment simply and remotely whether on website.

NiftyHMS Clock

Patient Billing Simplified with Online and Offline Payment

Making the transition from manual to computerized billing can transform the way a medical, dental or veterinary practice handles its procedures as well as its data.

NiftyHMS Pay

patient medical billing
patient medical billing

Manage Hospital Online from Anywhere

With NiftyHMS, you get a fully integrated healthcare management suite delivered on a cloud-based platform providing you a robust, secure and available solution for your needs.

Manage Hospitalize Patients

New patients can be registered in the system. An electronic medical record system is in-built which stores all
the basic and medical details of the patient.

Clinic software

NiftyHMS Pricing Plans

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Emojy Price




100 Patient

HRM_small_right.pngBasic HRMS with self-service login for employees

HRM_small_right.pngLeave Management

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400 Patient

Essential +



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1000 Patient

Professional +

HRM_small_right.pngShift Scheduling

HRM_small_right.pngPerformance (Basic)

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Complete Feature List

Doctor manage patient data

Doctor write prescription to patient

See appointment calendar

Make appointment for patients

Assign doctor to patient

Show appoinment in calendar view

Nurse can manage patient

Nurse can assign - allocate bed to patient

Manage ambulance and bloodbank

Complete list of diagnosis reports created

Add report for patient with costing

Search and Sort records

Patient book appointment with doctor

Patient check medical history with hospital

Patient check invoice and other details

Add perscription with treatment

Complete list of perscription

Log LAB report for each patient

Upload reports and write findings

Manage blood banks

Manage invoices in the system

Log income data

Log expenses of hospital

Pharmastic can manage medicine stock data

View patient prescription

Manage medicine categories

Complete list of medicine available

Add medicine with price and supplier detail

Medicine stock detail with categories

Complete list of operations made

Add operation schedule operation with charges

Support staff can admit patient in hospital

Records all patient and Guardian details

Support staff Can manage appointment module