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Higher productivity & More Profit with Cloud Software

Cloud software offers Anytime, Anywhere Access to all employees.
Its 100% secure, scalable, reliable and comes with Pay as you Go options.

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Overall ease of deployment since the software is hosted with world class cloud server instead of your location.

You don’t have to disrupt your existing infrastructure for a cloud software deployment. Just instruct employees of mobile app or use the web link and start using it.

No need of on-site servers or an IT staff capable of installing and maintaining the necessary software.

Say goodbye to lengthy, sometimes confusing and costly installations.

A few simple online steps and an entire Cloud based software can be set up and ready to use, all in a matter of hours.

All you need is the internet connection. Then, you sign in online and use it. It's that Simple.

Often, employees can be trained quickly and projects can be deployed and shared over the internet.


You don’t have to pay for all the features you would never use.

Cost tied up with security and software upgrades is our responsibility.

The pay-as-you-go system also applies to the data storage space.

No need to worry about maintenance and the additional costs and hassle that come with it, as it is our responsibility.

No upfront investment on hardware or setup. Eliminate upfront costs.

You pay your monthly subscription fee and we will take care of the IT cost, maintenance, and software updates.

No need of dedicated IT person on Payroll.


Mobile access to corporate data via smartphones, tablers and other devices.

We offerconveniently accessible information to sales staff, freelance employees, or remote employees, for better work-life balance.

24/7/365 Accessibility to the software on their own, from anywhere in or out of the office.

Employees who are on-the-go can capture real-time insights and make updates at anytime, anywhere.

Remote Accessibility gives real edge to virtual workforce and multinational teams.

Providing easy access that is scalable as your business grows.

Seamless access on desktop, a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet.


No need for businesses to hire an IT team to set up and maintain.

Data is stored in the cloud, which can be easily accessed by anyone in the office.

Automatic software updates and Real-time upgrades.

Scalability can be easily achieved through our best in class infrastructure.

One-click exportoptions for both CSV and XLS files, which simplifies the process of off-boarding or data portability.

Reliable operation as all parts of the Cloud are backed up.

System continues to be operational 99.99% of the time – the rate reliable enough even for the fussiest of the businesses.


We provide quick data recovery for all kinds of emergency scenarios from natural disasters to power outages.

We carefully monitor security, which is significantly more efficient than a conventional in-house system.

Cloud makes it easier to meet government compliance requirements.

Amped-up security is achieved through encryption of data being transmitted over networks and stored in databases.

Cloud is a secure place to store data, which can be backed up and restored if lost.

Data is secured with SSL encryption and adhere to stringent data regulations.

Delivering world-class security for your sensitive business data.

Constantly monitoring the system for any changes, following redundant data policies and performing frequent data backups

System Firewalls and CDN ensures safe and secure data availbility at all times.

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification has become a reliable way for customers to check the quality of product and capability of a company. Companies, which have ISO certification uses the internal method of quality audit for maintaining the quality standards. Since different companies use a different approach for Audits, the app provides a facility to generate a new set of Audit questions to suit specific company requirement. The Audit tool is equally useful for internal audit as well as client company Audits.


  • Easy to install
  • Need of internet only for installation
  • Make User & password
  • Install in PC/mobile/tablet/iPad
Free From Internet

Free From Internet

  • No need of internet/3G/Wi-Fi
  • Directly use from installed system
  • Save the data in system itself


  • Data access, Geographical system
  • Use Multiple platforms
  • Add description at the end of the work, Continue work from anywhere


  • Data security
  • Passwords for individual users
  • Confidentiality
  • Transfer the data


  • Add template according to needs
  • Change questionnaire, Add/delete questions
  • Make system department wise
  • Add Update & Modify Location, Category
Structure Wise System

Structure Wise System

  • Step by step options
  • Consistency
  • Scheduling
View Report

View Report

  • PDF, Word based
  • Can change data in word report
  • Directly do print out
Archive Audit

Archive Audit

  • See the reports
  • Signup for 5s app and setup the template and company branding.Create 5s Auditors or change agents.
  • Start Audit using mobile, tablet or web. Mobile and tablet version also works offline.
  • Once Audit completed, synchronize it with cloud database. Generate report and share results with team members.
Multiple Users

Multiple Users

  • Different usertypes to manage 5s System. Superadmin has all rights.
Multiple Devices

Multiple Devices

  • Audit Works on web, Mobiles and tablets. Admin works on web.
Multiple Departments

Multiple Departments

  • App allows to do unlimited audits for multiple departments and for multiple clients
Multiple Templates

Multiple Templates

  • To increase productivity 5s audit templates can be created and reused for future audits.

Checklist module

  • Simple 5s checklist view for ease in audit. Checklist questions can be modified.


  • 5s Admin panel provides branding options: Logo selection, template, customized 5s questionnaire.

Offline mode

  • The app also works in offline mode for mobiles and tablets.
  • Comprehensive HR Solution for SME
  • Manage Employee Effortlessly
  • Payroll at Single Click - One Click Automatic Payslip generation
  • Employee Punch in and punch out
  • Real time self service to employees - Self Service Attendance Management
  • Management report for better HR planning

Attendance module

  • Manage staff attendance
  • Real-Time Self-service to employees
  • Employee punch in and punch out

Travel module

  • Manage all travel expenses and reimbursement
  • Set travel budget and control cost
  • Manage travel dates and location

Payslip module

  • One click payslip generation
  • Payslip with standard deductions
  • Print payslip in PDF

Recruitment module

  • Manage job posting
  • View list of the posted job and responses
  • Requirement menu and employee can see a listof posted jobs
Client Feedback

Client feedback module

  • Record client feedback
  • Manage feedback
  • Feedbackresolution

Notification module

  • Notification Email for important action/activity
  • Email templates can be customized
  • Personalized email notifications
Skill Matrix

Skill matrix module

  • Manage and reward employee skill
  • HR managercan add employee's skill
  • Employees can see their skill report
Access Right

Access Right module

  • Manage access rights by roles
  • HR Manager with the full access right
  • Admin,HR Manager,Accountant,and Employee roles

Users module

  • Manage all user information
  • Admin,HR Manager,Accountant,and Employee
  • The user can view and edit information

Message module

  • HR Manager can send a message to all
  • Send message individually
  • Option to delete message
Employee Feedback

Employee feedback module

  • Manage employee complaint list
  • Manage employee suggestion list
  • Record complaint resolution

Notice-Event module

  • HR Manager manage notices and events
  • Create and send notice for intended group
  • Notice appears on dashboard calendar
Employee Training

Employee training module

  • Complete employee training management system
  • Manage TRainer,Training subjects and Training type
  • View a complete training list of all employee
  • Complete School Information System
  • All School Attendance Record at Finger Tip
  • Accept Fees Online and Reduce Payment Delay
  • Parents are Well Informed With SMS -Email Notification
  • Teachers are Empowered With Syllabus,Routine & Exam Results


  • Helps admin get an overview of the school
  • Dashboard with key static Info-Graphic
  • Calendar,Reports,Notices all at Once

Student module

  • Admit Student With a Complete Profile
  • Student Login Access and Dashboard
  • Student Class Routine and Payment Data

Parent module

  • Parent dashboard,Calendar and Holiday list
  • Check class routine and notices
  • Access to child results,fees & teachers data

Teacher module

  • Add subject and syllabus
  • Take class attendance
  • Add and manage student marks

Attendance module

  • The teacher can take student attendance
  • The possibility of teacher attendance
  • View attendance of past date
Class Route

Class Route

  • Define class route for students and teachers
  • Student and parent can view class route
  • Admin reserve rights to add a route

Library module

  • Manage book records in library
  • Issue book to student along with validity
  • Managebook location and collect fines

Transportation module

  • Admih reserves rights for the module
  • Complete driver and vehicle details
  • Search,Sort and filter records

Subject module

  • Manage subject and assign a teacher
  • Search and pagination features
  • Add syllabus for each subject

Class module

  • Manage class with easy use interface
  • Add class with a student capacity
  • Define class number & assign class code

Grade module

  • The possibility of Credits,Marks and Grade
  • Relate marks with Grades or Credits
  • Comments against each grade appear in Mark-Sheet

Holiday module

  • Inform everyone about yearly holiday
  • Date selection for single day holiday
  • Date range option for vacations

Migration module

  • Move student to next standard easily
  • Define criteria for mass migration
  • Upgrade-admit all passed student to next class
  • Adopt NIFTYHMS & Get Excellence in Patient Care
  • Manage Patient Appointment & EMR Effortlessely
  • Patient Billing Simplified With Online and Offline Payment
  • Multiple Users Support
  • Staff - Manage Appoinments & Admit Patients
    Pharmacist - Manage Medicine with Stock & Patient Perscription
    Inpatient - Manage Hospitalized Patients

Doctor module

  • Manage patient data
  • Write prescription to patient
  • See appointment calendar

Appointment module

  • Make appointment for patients
  • Assign doctor to patient
  • Show appoinment in calendar view

Nurse module

  • Can manage patient
  • Nurse can assign - allocate bed to patient
  • Manage ambulance and bloodbank
Diagnosis Report

Diagnosis Report module

  • Complete list of diagnosis reports created
  • Add report for patient with costing
  • Search and Sort records

Patient module

  • Book appointment with doctor
  • Check medical history with hospital
  • Check invoice and other details

Perscription module

  • Add perscription with treatment
  • Complete list of perscription
  • Search and Sort records

LAB Module

  • Log LAB report for each patient
  • Upload reports and write findings
  • Manage blood banks

Accountant module

  • Manage invoices in the system
  • Log income data
  • Log expenses of hospital

Pharmastic module

  • Pharmastic can manage medicine stock data
  • View patient prescription
  • Manage medicine categories

Medicine module

  • Complete list of medicine available
  • Add medicine with price and supplier detail
  • Medicine stock detail with categories
Operation Theatre

Operation Theatre module

  • Complete list of operations made
  • Add operation schedule operation with charges
  • Search and sort records
Support Staff

Support Staff module

  • Support staff can admit patient in hospital
  • Records all patient and Guardian details
  • Can manage appointment module

Treatment Module

  • Complete list of treatment available
  • Add treatment with costs
  • Search and sort records
  • Complete GYM Management Solution
  • Trainer,Member,Accountant and Admin Users
  • Member Dailyworkout Log and Schedule
  • Member Nutrition Plan
  • Member Membership Plan


  • Quick view of important Gym modules
  • Different report for management
  • Calendar with important event and notices
Gym Member

Gym Member module

  • Record complete details of Gym subscriber
  • Add vital measurement for each member
  • Keep track of member’s physical stastics

Account module

  • Manage income and expenses
  • Manage member fees
  • Payment reports

Store Module

  • Manage products in system
  • Sell product to member and keep sales record

Report module

  • Generete Report by membersship plans
  • Generete payment income report

Membership Module

  • Admin can define different membership plans
  • Membership price management

Activity Module

  • Manage activities available in gym
  • Assign activity to each membership plan

Payment module

  • Manage all the payment receipts
  • Record all expenses

Notice module

  • Make important Announcement throught notice module

Nutrition module

  • Prepare and assing nutrition plan for member
Facility Management

Facility Management Module

  • Record all the facilities available in gym

Workout module

  • Member can view the assigned workout
Online Membership Payment

Online Membership Payment Module

  • Accept membership fees with paypal

Workout Module-admin

  • Trainer can create workout schedule for members

Expense Module

  • Manage all expense

Invoice Module

  • Manage invoice from admin

Newsletter Module

  • Mailchimp integration

Message module

  • Admin can send message to all members

Attendance Module

  • Manage staff attendance

Group Module

  • Create and manage member groups